Course Curriculum

Note: The course curriculum for each RTS1 Course may differ or change so please read the curriculum for each specifically dated course.

RTS1 Online Course with Live Practical Workshop

The RTS1 Online Course consists of two components; an online video presentation series and a live practical (hands-on) workshop. Once you sign-up and make payment you will receive a special link to access the online video presentations for each module. You will then have a specific time frame in which to view the video presentations before taking an online exam. Afterwards you will be required to attend a Live Practical Workshop in a gym setting. *You will not receive your RTS1 Certification until you pass the online exam and attend the practical workshop.

RTS1 Video Study Curriculum:

  • Day 1: Intro & Spine and Spinal Musculature
  • Day 2: Hip & Knee Joint and Musculature / Lower Body (Squats)
  • Day 3: Upper Body (Scapula and Musculature / GH JT & Rotator Cuff)
  • Day 4: Upper Body (Elbow JT and musculature)

Followed by a live two-day Practical Hands-On Seminar during a designated weekend at a specific gym location in Auckland, NZ.

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