Defining RTS

Trying to describe RTS in one or two sentences is virtually impossible. While many organizations try to cover many subjects over several days, RTS does the opposite. We focus on one subject, Exercise Mechanics, and nobody does a better job!


Before we can even begin to worry about how many, we must determine how the exercise should be constructed – how to do it in the first place.” 

Biomechanics is the study of the application of force on the living structure and RTS considers Exercise Mechanics to be a division of Biomechanics specific to Exercise; the very tool of which our industry revolves around. An exercise is comprised of Mechanics and Conditions – and the mechanics are a product of the force and motor pattern. The conditions are simply the “how long, how many, how often, how stable, etc.,” that are applied to the mechanics. Since all exercise, from Aerobics to Strength, Function to Aesthetics, Pilates to Powerlifting, are all forms of resistance where FORCE is the common denominator, it is absolutely essential to have a strong fundamental understanding of how the force you prescribe effects the end user.


Everyone prescribing force/exercise should know the objective effects and take responsibility for the forces you impose on others

Mechanics is the study of forces and their effects on structure. Forces are invisible pushes or pulls that influence everything and ultimately, the key to exercise. Which muscles respond, or contract within the body is entirely determined by the external forces that are applied and must be opposed whether to move or to stabilize, or both. And these forces applied are entirely up to you! Furthermore, the joint forces, like shear and compression are entirely based upon the way you create the exercise – the motions you dictate and the way you choose to apply resistance.


Without an understanding of Mechanics, you are simply choreographing moves

We do not bash groups or individuals but offer subjective analysis of the information many put out there. However, our industry remains wallowing in conflict as we are conditioned to choose sides and take offense. This ego must be eliminated if we wish to move forward both individually and collectively. We should be able to point out the objective truth, accept it, and if needed, remedy it with the realization that it is not about us versus them. It is about collectively exposing our shortcomings and solving them for the good of the client.

Despite the plethora of information offered in our industry, Mechanics is the only concrete science comprising exercise currently offered. This is not to diminish those who truly contribute to the growth of the industry by offering valuable information, but the vast majority of information is passed on without regard to the true science that could objectively determine its validity and is instead, based on myths and biases that create followers, not thinkers. WE TEACH STUDENTS TO THINK. We do not promote, recommend, or degrade any specific exercise philosophies. We analyze them all objectively and teach the student to do the same. WE TEACH SIMPLY, “WHAT IS” …what we can truly begin to say about a movement on MECHANICS.

We don’t teach mindless protocols

We empower you!

We encourage you to think for yourself

We teach you how to make decisions

We don’t want any followers

We don’t want to be your gurus

We want conscientious, caring, open-minded students

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